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Yoram Chisin’s artistic


Born in 1971 in Toulouse, France, Yoram Chisin moved to Israel with his parents in 1973. 

The grandson of holocaust survivors, the weight of history loomed large in the Chisin family. Yoram served in the Israeli Army Forces in the “Golani” Infantry Division, a traumatic experience which pervades his artistic practice to this day. 

Passionate about colours and shapes, working on canvas, jute, wood, paper or linen. Yoram Chisin uses painting to give free rein to his emotions, relating to his own past and to the past never to be forgotten, the nightmare of the Holocaust. Yet, through this journey of sadness and pain, a sense of beauty sparkles in his works.

Yoram Chisin’s artistic practice has been influenced by his early career in fashion, in particular by the aesthetics and the colour palette used by French designer Christian Lacroix. Growing up in a family of art collectors, he fell under the spell of abstract expressionist Mark Rothko, as well as Anselm Kieffer, Christian Boltanski and Pierre Soulages. 

‘I work with mystical colours imbued with meaning’, says Chisin.
He chooses colours and paint combinations, applied in layers on to the canvas, that express his inner emotions. Marrying colours and textures, he contrasts and complements tones and materiality to create deeper visual and emotional effects. Chisin is constantly exploring new techniques and pigments, to create new works that respond to his emotional states.

Yoram’s work is a constant exploration and attempt to re-learn how to live, to look at the world and savour life for what it is. His paintings invite viewers into his inner world, sharing his own sensory experiences in an attempt to create meaningful connections through his emotional journey. Chisin’s work captures his determination to live, overcoming sadness and despair, reaching out for to love, hope and joy. 


Today Yoram lives and works in Israel. He has exhibited his work in galleries around the world, including in Sydney, Melbourne, Miami, New York, Tel Aviv, Brussels, Antwerp and Paris.

I work with mystical colours imbued with meaning’, says Chisin
Yoram Chisin chooses colours and paint combinations
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