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From Beeri to Babylon

From Be'eri to Babylon
I truly believe in the power of artists. Artists have the ability to feel and express the emotions and mindsets of entire nations
As opposed  to politicians  who never really express there real mind set
. My painting beeri was born out of the tragedy of the October 7th massacre, during a time when I felt compelled to convey the pain of My people. For months, I labored to imbue  a meaning into this large 210 x 120 cm canvas until it took on its own character. Most observers reacted with strong emotions upon viewing it. , this is the greatest gift an artist can receive 
Art does need not please its audience it has to create emotions 
After seven months of war, one day I decided to change the texture of the colors, introducing light and hope into the work. It seems to be a human desire to hope for goodness and color during dark, gloomy times. Tonight, I watched an interview with the talented, prolific artist Zeev Engelmayer, who has been drawing postcards about the war and the abductees since October 7th. Initially, he painted in black and white( like Picasso's Guernica, giving viewers the feeling of a newspaper from that era printed in grayscale). After two weeks, Zeev began adding color and hope to those postcards, aiming to inspire hope in the abductees and our people.
Thank you, Zeev, for helping me understand why I changed the color texture of my own painting.

For more infos and pictures, please contact Yoram

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